Glass installation is a skill that requires years of experience to carry out this type of work. Glass can be installed in a wide variety of applications including windows, doors, shopfronts, mirrors, splashbacks and many other situations in homes and businesses. A trained professional is required to carry out glass installation to ensure the glass is installed safely and securely. Visual Reflections' glaziers are fully qualified to handle all types of glazing in both domestic and commercial premises.


Having your glass replaced is not an every day occurrence and can be a daunting process however the main priority for most people is to find a glazier who offers a fast and reliable service. By choosing Best Glass Care Services you can be assured that our professional team can solve any problem associated with broken glass.

Glass Cutting

Glass can be cut into a wide range of shapes and sizes including squares, circles, ovals, curves and other complex shapes for special application. Cutting glass is a skill that requires many hours of training and practice to carry out successful and accurate cutting. At Visual Reflections our staff are fully qualified glaziers who have acquired these skills to perform precise cutting to meet the requirements of any project. It is always recommended that a trained professional carry out glass cutting as small imperfections in cuts can cause the glass to break at any time.


  • Custom Glass Solutions
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Multilayer & Tampered Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Float Glass
  • Auto Glass

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