The modern and most popular option. Quality toughened safety glass as standard, still sets the benchmark with regards to safety and aesthetics. Our frameless shower range of enclosures can be configured to design parameters specifically to suit each individual application.


Our framed showers are furnished using either a grey or white powder coat. Toughened glass is used for all our framed showers. We offer a full range of custom fit Framed Showers, standard sizes range from 630mm to over 1.1 meter. In the Framed range we can offer 90 Degree, Inline (180 Degree), Pentagonal (135 Degree), Quarter Round and Corner Entry Showers.

Our customer service consultants work tirelessly to ensure each client has a exclusive customer service experience. We function with the highest professionalism and dedication. We provide professional, quick, reasonable and affordable quotations on call for FREE and encourage customer participation in every detail of the project. We are dedicated to delivering only the finest services to the best of abilities.


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