We supply and install Mirrors, we also offer polishing, beveling and drilling of holes for the mounting of mirrors or for hinge holes.

Decorative Mirrors

Besides the basic function of mirrors to provide reflection, many interior designers have discovered the value of including decorative mirrors in their designs. Decorative mirrors will give an illusion of space, which can instantly add value to any property. Traditional areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms require mirrors, however mirrors can be used in many other creative ways. The perfect decorative mirror becomes a feature of your room and blends seamlessly into its surroundings.



Bath Mirrors

Apart from being an essential inclusion in any bathroom a mirror can offer more than a simple reflection. Mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes that will fit into the design of any bathroom and provide a feature that will complete your room. Custom made Visual Reflections mirrors provide the most impact by transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and elegant space. In keeping with current design trends a majority of our mirrors are completely frame-less, which contributes to the illusion of space in any application.