Windows services


Practical and visually appealing, this window with its option of tophung vents is weathersealed, eliminating draughts. High-quality Stainless steel friction stays ensure reliable, smooth and silent operation. Extrememly popular casement window are attractive whilst offering an alternative ventilation option. With it’s quality woolpile wheatherseal to ensure a draught free closure.






  • Casement Windows
  • Shopfront Windows
  • Slidding Windows


Window replacement can be required in many situations including replacement of broken or scratched glass, changing the style of glass or even to upgrade to safety glass. Visual Reflections offers a fast and reliable window glass replacement service throughout Bulawayo for either domestic or commercial premises. Many window replacements are required as soon as possible because they present a danger or security risk therefore our emergency glass service is required to resolve these situations. A specially designed fleet of custom glass carrying vehicles, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, ensures your job can be completed in the fastest possible time to minimize any inconvenience



WINDOW REPAIRS & replacement

Broken window glass can present a danger, a security risk or just be unsightly in your home or business. The best solution is to have your glass replaced as soon as possible to eliminate any of these problems. As glass experts BGC offers a fast and reliable mobile glass repair service throughout the Johannesburg area. There are many different types of windows ranging from small colonial style domestic windows through to large glass panels in commercial buildings. Our factories stock most types of glass, which enables us to provide a same day or next day service in most of these situations.